Monday, May 11, 2009

Are "They" Coming Back?

I've been doing a lot of flying lately - and that's my excuse for missing last week's posting. Of course, the massive airtime has brought to my mind another issue - runways.

Have you ever really paid attention to an airport? How about the layout, various angles of runways, taxiways, and parking areas? When looking at one from the air, you see an entirely different thing than what you can see from the ground, or even a small hill.

The lines and arrangement mean absolutely nothing to a person viewing it from the ground. But from the sky, the approach is laid out, the connecting taxiways, and parking areas are very clear.

The question that popped into my mind during all my recent flying is why did human beings living in a stone-age culture build giant runways, taxiways, and parking areas around 50 B.C.E.? I'm talking about the lines in Nazca, Peru. NO - I'm not really concerned with the hummingbird, condor, spaceman, whale, monkey, etc. that everybody is so enamoured with. I'm talking about the underlying lines upon which the more recent giant drawings were made.

Take a look at the following photo. But instead of looking at the circles and spider, look at the overall "big picture" and tell me what you see?

I see part of an airport.
In fact, the wonderfully sculpted drawings of the Nazca people are made over the top of pre-existing lines. Which look an awful lot like the various runways and positioning patterns at Edwards Air Force Base.

Regardless of the reasons for the Nazca peoples to have made the drawings they created, just what was the reasoning behind the long straight patterns and lines, along with tapers at the ends (perhaps for alignment on approach)? I think these lines may have been for another purpose - one which will see them reused in 2012. Can you even begin to imagine what would happen to our world as we know it if we were suddenly visited by whomever those lines were made for? Perhaps even this guy?

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