Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Aztec Calendar

The Aztec Long Count calendar (tonalpohualli) comes to an end on December 21, 2012. This is the date the world will end. It is also the date when Quetzalcoatl, the primordial god of creation, giver of life, and the presenter of maize, will return to earth. So will Jesus, as the messiah of the Christians and Moslems.

Boy-oh-boy will there be hell to pay when all the Gods of the East come floating down from space to see what we have done with their creation. I wonder where they will land? Are there runways? Will they need to wear space suits? What will their space ships look like? Will the lights of NYC, London, Paris, Bejing, and Mumbai cause them to re-evaluate their planned atmospheric re-entry trajectory? Will we be expected to worship at their feet and sing praises to their name? Will today's corn be as familiar to them as the maize they originally gave to the ancient American indigenous tribal peoples?

In preparation for their return, I say we investigate the potential answers to these questions.


  1. And what will they look like? Winged serpent... winged serpent... come on, winged serpent!

  2. And how accurate was the Aztec calendar? I've heard that it even takes leap years into account. True?

  3. I look forward to this being a serious discussion about this most important of topics.

  4. Phelps: the Aztec/Mayan calendar was more accurate than any calendar developed anywhere else or since. It is still more accurate than the calendars we routinely use today. As far as what they look like? I think we have enough drawings and carvings from their last visit to pretty much figure that they mostly look like we do.